From novels to biographies and poetry, we publish a diverse range of titles to expand both mind and soul.
 We publish a range of academic, fiction and non fiction books geared towards a Jamaican as well as international audience. 
We provide a range of workbooks to enhance the learning/teaching experience


Aftershockstudio and Product Publishing (ASAP Publishing) is a print and digital publishing house that creates and distributes educational content as well as books of various genres. Our aim is to progressively create products that not only inform and entertain but to also to have dialogue with our customers to inform us how best to cater to their preferences. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed of all our new books, projects, deals and discounts.


Edu-tainment refers to the use of mediums typically used for the context of providing entertainment to create and transmit educational topics. At Aftershockstudio we believe that education does not have to be shackled within the framework of formality. In fact, many students are far more receptive to activities that focused on incidental learning. With this…


E-learning is no longer just a supplemental aspect of modern education, it has become a major cornerstone in our digital age. at Aftershockstudio and Product Publishing we seriously take this into account and created our online learning portal to cater to the E-learning environment. to keep our E-learning on a fresh, engaging, and ongoing basis,…