MASTERING RELIGIOUS EDUCATION MANUAL AND WORKBOOK has been written to meet the needs of Jamaican students at the grade 9 level. It covers topics relating to the grade 9 Religious Education syllabus. The workbook covers themes such as personal stewardship, corporate stewardship, and how stewardship impacts the world.  Mastering  Religious Education is specifically geared towards equipping students with the means of easily comprehending religious beliefs and practices. Taking into consideration the various learning styles students have, this workbook was designed with various approaches in relating the content material.

The content of this workbook was designed to encourage students to take a proactive interest in religious education. It is filled with activities such as art projects, creative writing, debates, drama presentations, and topic discussions. There are also charts, diagrams, and other image-based content to keep students busy and participative.

To add a sense of fun, each topic comes with a humorous comic strip that illustrates the core principle of the lesson. This serves as an ice breaker and will get students to think and approach the topics in a novel way. Also included in the manual and workbook are:

· Words to discuss: important words to be defined to comprehend each topic.

· Activity suggestions: ideas for presenting additional content to students.

· Questions: to comprehensively assess each student’s performance and progress.

· Notes: concise content material for students to easily grasp.

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