Terms of use

If you use a free image you must publish an acknowledgement to Aftershockstudio on the same page or screen where the image is used.

How to acknowledge Aftershockstudio.com

Type of use

Websites (e.g. corporate, personal, educational and charitable websites; blogs, forums, Facebook pages)

It is mandatory to publish an acknowledgement to Asappublishing.com on the page each free image is used on.

Image courtesy of Aftershockstudio.com

If more than one image appear on the same page, each image must be acknowledged, and it should be clear which acknowledgement relates to which image.

Where the same clip art appears across multiple pages, for example in a banner or background, it can only be acknowledged on one page.

Printed media such as newspapers, magazines, newsletters, booklets, flyers, advertising and promotional.

Acknowledge Asappublishing.com adjacent to the image or images used.

CD covers and digital music cover art.

CD covers – Acknowledge Asappublishing.com on the front, rear or inside cover. Digital music cover art does not require an acknowledgement as there is nowhere to accommodate it.

Books, ebooks – covers and inner pages

Acknowledge Asappublishing.com next to the image, or in a table of image credits.

Video productions, youtube, vimeo etc

Acknowledge Asappublishing.com and the in the opening or closing credits; or in the text description of the video.

School / college projects, powerpoint, word and other end-user applications.

Acknowledge Asappublishing.com next to the image, or in references.

Go to CLIP ART FAQfor more info.