Academic books

We understand the challenges that come with trying to publish a book. We specialize in making the journey of concept to print as smooth as possible. Call or visit us and we will be more than happy to offer a free consultation to get you started on your way to being a published author. 

One of our passions at Aftershockstudio is education. We are always seeking new and innovative ways to make the educational process easier and more enjoyable. in other words, we strongly believe that learning should be fun. 

We are keen on working with creators and authors to provide educational books and items designed to make teaching and learning an exciting experience. 


We know writing can be a solitary endeavour and has many challenges that are often faced by first-time authors. 

Let us take you through the process of getting your book published and marketed. we also do writing consultation to help authors sharpen their ideas into books that will find a captive audience. 

Custom books

Sometimes it is hard to figure out a unique gift, especially for that special someone.

With our customized book service we can create for you or a loved one a custom book that depicts Athe story of their life, poetry, a comic book in which they are the main character or even a short story book about them in an adventure. 

​You simply provide us with the scenario and we will turn it into the memorable gift of a book.