A lot of us can relate to the anxiety that homework can bring. All geniuses can kindly excuse themselves but for the rest of us at some point or another, a school assignment can seem like a monster waiting to pounce on your ignorance and completely humiliate you.

First of all, when we get an assignment we automatically think that we have to do it on our own. This in itself can trigger your stress. The fact is that homework is necessary for assessment of how well you grasp what is taught as well as to teach you necessary skills such as research and initiative.

This does not mean however that you have to tackle this monster by yourself. In fact most of the time it is foolhardy to take this approach. How do you squash the homework monster? Get help. Call for back up.

  There are usually persons you can go to for help; a neighbour, a teacher, a friend, a classmate. Get to know persons who are knowledgeable and ask them for assistance. Remember that the whole idea is for them to help you, not for them to do your work for you.

Another method to deal with the homework monster is not to procrastinate. If you got the assignment on Monday and it is due by Friday, do not wait until Thursday night to tackle it. By then the thing would have grown fangs and claws and nothing causes stress like trying to beat a deadline.

It easy to form the habit of forgetting your homework and putting it off but all you are doing is giving the monster time to grow big. The minute you get your homework, kill it. You heard right.

The minute it hatches you squash that little Godzilla while it only has gums. Pretend it doesn’t exist and it will become a skyscraper that will utterly run amok in your academic life and leave your grades in ruins. 

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