image of bully hurting a student

 Bullies are a part of life like any other stress. Like most other sources of stress, you can take steps to protect yourself from them. School has enough troubles without a bully adding to the pile.

First of all, bullies are usually bigger than their classmates. They depend on this fact to intimidate others. They use threats, violence and humiliation as their tactics to get what they want which is often your stuff or attention. However, you can employ a few tactics of your own to deal with your bully.

1. Do not give him the satisfaction of showing him how upset you are. If he calls you names and he sees you are rattled he will never stop.

  rattled he will never stop so brush off insults.

2. Tell someone in authority. A bully will think twice if he knows he will be held accountable for his actions.

3. Reduce possible contact. Take a different route home if possible to avoid running into your bully.

4. Make a record of what a bully does. Each time he picks on you write down the time, place and the name of anyone who saw it happen. Making a record will build up enough evidence to get your bully in serious trouble and have disciplinary action taken against him or her.

There are a number of reasons some people become bullies. Theses include:

 a difficult home life          jealousy of their victims                    insecurity

Bullies usually look to pick on someone who will not stand up to them. Often times they are venting their frustration and inability to control their life so they seek to control the life of others. In other words, misery loves company. They have emotional issues and they need to feel a sense of importance or significance.

They try to make themselves feel good by making others feel bad. Bullies like to make insulting remarks about your family, looks, weight, skin colour, religion, wearing glasses and will even go as far as to ridicule those who have disabilities.  If you are being bullied tell some. They will threaten you but they only do so because they are scared of getting into trouble.

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